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Hi all,

I need your thoughts regarding a logistic regression model i am building to predict customers propensity to churn.

I have users of all tenure in the model sample ranging from 1 month onwards based on their date of joining. Does it make sense to include variables for users such as Activity in last 30 days, Activity in 30-60 days, Activity in 60-90 days and soon till say Activity in 270-300 days.

For users with say only 2 month tenure most of these time dependent variables will be null. They will have only 0-30 days and 30-60 days.

Whereas for a user with say 9 months tenure, will have variables upto 240-270 days. Does including such variables capture trend of a customer over time? Also can i replace values of variables for users who dont have sufficient tenure with zero.

Would really appreciate any guidance regarding this.



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Try survival analysis.


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