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Tools for automated datawarehouse loading for healthcare analytics?

anyone know of any open source tools (java based preferred) to capture data in a web application and load into a data warehouse?

Our project will most likely require some kind of workflow when loading the data into the data warehouse, so an application that has workflow capabilities would be of particular interest.

Healthcare areas are Care Management and Utilization Management.

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thanx for sharing
The open source ETL tools I am familiar with are:

Kettle. This is the ETL tool used within the Pentaho BI stack

Talend. This environment has nice tools for work flow definition and execution

Apatar. I have not used this environment, but it too appears to have good work flow tools

Also, given your healthcare focus, have you looked at OpenVistA from It appears that open systems for healthcare are ripe for entering the health care debate and given the IT savvy of the current administration has a real chance against the commercial giants.


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