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Hi All,


I am currently trying to find out if there is a way to export models from SAS into PMML format. The problem is, the kind of models I am trying to export is a pooled regression, which is basically a model built on time series - cross sectional data. Imagine the data is available for 104 weeks for 100 stores with dependent variable as sales.. A pooled regression will generate a regression equation with a different intercept for each store. I am using PROC MIXED to run the models - the output of which is different from a PROC REG output. Hence the PMML tools availble on the web are not working. It would be really helpful if anybody can provide me with pointers on how to go about doing this.





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Hi Indrajit,

As you probably know, SAS EM exports models in PMML, but not SAS base. Although you can find tools in the market today that will get you a PMML out of SAS base, they are somewhat limited (as you described). I believe that is going to change though as demand for PMML grows. Here at Zementis, we have helped many clients in moving SAS models into PMML for deployment into our ADAPA on Cloud decision engine. It is not an automatic process though, but we have been very successful. Please, contact me back if you would like more details.



P.S.: Also feel free to join the PMML group here at anaytic bridge or the PMML group in LinkedIn (now with more than 600 members).
Thanks Alex,
I finally wrote a SAS macro to create a version 3.2 PMML file from the model estimates.



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