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This is an opportunity to say good things about the place where you work. Please specify why your company is a great place for analytic professionals:
  • Great people
  • Salary / perks / benefits
  • Research opportunities, state-of-the-art analytics, challenging work
  • Growing field
  • Career path - opportunities for career growth
  • Large analytic team
  • Management listens to analytics recommendations
  • Performance is rewarded
  • Great software, resources and data available
  • etc.
Please specify your experience / background / education if you wish.

Thank you,

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Southern California Edison

# Great people
Happy hour outings roughly once a month

# Salary / perks / benefits
High wages, great health benefits, 401k match, match charity for education, donate to NPO's you volunteer at, free gym and personal trainers at headquarters for all employees, ... by far best aspect of work at SCE
Hi Vincent,

I had the privelige to work with Genpact who were the pioneers in Analytics domain and I enjoyed working there due to the diversity of the projects one can work with.

Simply put it was a great learning experience.

I can certainly say a lot of good things about where I work - Detica. We are a mid-sized consultancy with offices in the UK and US concentrating on information intelligence. A lot of our work revolves around our social network analysis software NetReveal which is used by banks and insurers to uncover fraud and governments to detect criminality.

Working with cutting edge software brings about complex new problems so from an analytical viewpoint we get to work with all the latest advances in modelling / machine learning and regularly get to push these techniques where they haven't been used before.

The people are great - a good mix of experience and a strong pool of graduates - I would definitely recommend us to people coming out of university with a numerate degree and a desire to work with data / cutting-edge technology. As with any company growing at a rapid rate, people's career aspirations can be met as new positions are created.

I could probably go on for another few pages here with positives but if anyone is interested don't hesitate to contact me.

My employer, MITRE, is a great place to work. It has been named one of Fortune 100 Best Places to Work 9 years in a row. The work is challenging and interesting and importantly it is focused on critical national problems like cyber security, aviation safety and detecting tax fraud.
I used to work at PepsiCo in Chicago, IL for about a year and a half, but was recently laid off due to a lack of projects that fit my skill set. It had a very large Demand Planning team that carried out lots of analyses on PepsiCo's supply chain sales using SAS software and datasets that were gigabytes or even terabytes in size. The company had over 200,000 people worldwide. Management made several changes to their inventory policy and advertising strategies based on my findings. They rewarded my performance by mentioning my name at occasional banquet-type events.

I will start working for the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, MD next week. Hopefully, they will have an equally strong suit for analytics.
I currently work for Komatsu America Corp and am the only statistician here, but after 7 months its been a good deal for me. The people are nice, they are flexible with work schedules and are not the least bit demanding with my work. Just go do what needs to be done and get it done in a reasonable time frame. They also encourage me to learn. We have SPSS which I've never used before so they got me training and send me to conferences. Easily the best company I've worked at.

Previously I worked at Target in MN which is generally a solid company, but is not a good job for someone starting up out of school. They baby you, are very slow to promote, pay below industry standards and don't allow lateral movement. They also do very little statistical work, at least not relative to the size of the group, and most of the work is analytic reporting (BI and Analytics are not seperate here they are one and the same and the analytics professional is not differentiated from the BI one in any regards). One other niche they had was that they would hire someone with a BS in math or econ and let them do statistical modeling, then hire someone with an MS in stats and have them do analytic reporting. Poor management on that front, mostly driven by the fact that only 1 of their senior analytic leaders had a stats background. I started with 3 others out of school (3 MS, 1 BS) and one guy lasted 8 months before he quit citing lack of statistical work as his reason. They are the type of company that would be great to work for if you are already established and come in at a higher level within the company and know exactly what they'll assign you to do.

I also worked at Sears which is not a real company anymore. Anybody who was worth anything quit that place long ago. Absolute nightmare. Long hours, lots of fighting (and don't mean arguments, I mean full blown yelling daily) and no senior leadership (these are usually the ones doing the yelling). They pay terribly and in my 2+ years there nobody in analytics got promoted which is not good when you don't even give out end of year pay raises. They also had at least 6 rounds of layoffs while I was there, often keeping it small enough so they wouldn't have to announce it publicly and take the negative publicity. Many of the management there has huge egos and refuse to accept others ideas. Unbelievable turnover rate here.
I work in the Business Intelligence group at Demand Media and this company is the most data driven company I haved work at by far. Every decision is made based on real data. Testing is done continually with at least one full time person to do nothing but manage A/B tests.
It's a pleasure to work in a BI team where our internal customers cannot get data fast enough and want more and more types of data all the time. We are not a report generating group -- there is "real" analysis going on all the time.
Hey Vincent,

I've been working at a company called LBi for about a year now. In Europe it's one of the biggest Digital one-stop shops in the space. It's agency side and a perfect environment for young analytics professionals who want to grow their knowledge and skills across the various disciplines within digital marketing. It's not so much about feeding insight recommendations to your manager but rather feeding actionable insight to a range of clients across several verticals. The amount you will learn in 3 months time is phenomenal really and you get a chance to work with best in class tools and technology partners. The working environment isn't techy and drab either we have a very casual theme essentially around inspiring creatives.

The analytics team is still relatively small but growing rapidly around 16 now we were 6 this time last year! I think the true beauty about LBi analytics would be how we blend various disciplines and work closely with other teams within the agency. Where applicable we always try to incorporate aspects of social media, eCRM, UX and UR into our insight pieces so its not all about looking at numbers and letters all day everyday. This also means that your career path is where ever you want it to be, our philosophy is information is everywhere and analytical insight is the catalyst. Also, salary and perks are great if you're thinking of moving to the UK you know where to come.

Check us out or or follow us on twitter

Backgrnd MSc Info Sys UK
BSc Comp Sci Barbados
I have not seen a place that combines all the features and I doubt it exists. I think it matters what factors are important to a person.

Credit card issuers tend to have Career path - opportunities for career growth , Large analytic team , Management listens to analytics recommendations , Great data available - but resources (software , support of research) are scarce. In some issuers analytics IS the business as it is core competency - in that sense very high participation in decision making and opportunities for career growth. The drawbacks are : issuers tend to be overstaffed with low invertment in technology / making things comfortable for analytics, they tend to have very narrow specialization, progression is managerial and not analytical at all, it is not cutting edge work, salary is not great (but benefits are very good), work is not too stressful - but due to the size organizations tend to be highly political.

Professional services (consulting and such) addresses some of the drawbacks. Since people (and not products) are main assets of professional services - it tends to have Great people , Salary / perks / benefits - benefits might be a bit less , but $ slaries are higher and easier to negotiate, Research opportunities, state-of-the-art analytics, challenging work - definite yes, Growing field , Performance is rewarded , Great software, resources and data available .

Drawbacks - companies tend to be smaller, less distinquished (if at all structured) career path, teams are small. For example I work in Mastercard Advisiors which is consulting arm of Mastercard. Being part of a growing business and having impact on shaping iyt is very rewarding - but there is no established career path.

Background - quantitative sociology and MBA, I learnt a lot of analytics on the job as I tend to like this field. My job is combination of managerial and analytical (by analytical I mean all that good staff - large datasets, sas, predictive modeling etc).
Or, and by the way - from the responses I collected it appears that SAS is an absolutely great company to work for. It is extremely comfortable analytical farm. But I never worked for them.
Intuit - Mountain View, California

-Commitment from the CEO down to be a data-driven company
-Growing analytics teams and company commitment to data
-Establishing state-of-the-art testing (experimentation & analysis) team [learning from our San Diego TurboTax team - another great place to work as an analytics professional!]
-Personal growth opportunities as teams build out
-Competitive salaries and fantastic benefits
-Work/life balance valued
-Great people to work with - high integrity, fun, collaborative
-Performance rewards tied to individual, group, and company performance
-Ideas rule => make a difference
-Intuit consistently ranked as a top place to work (e.g. in top 100 of Fortune's list)

Full disclosure: I'm the guy building the testing team for Intuit's Small Business Group and I love working here! Hope this doesn't sound too salesy, but I'm calling it like I've experienced it.
asymptotix is committed to analytics. We are small and agile. Our specialist space is integrating large scale data management environments with predictive analytics in the financial services sector (mainly wholesale banking and risk management); its applied econometrics really by any other name! We are also finding that we are being asked to assist now with other central government predictive analytics such as security and fraud where really the algorithm is the basis of the challenge. If this interests you and practically if you are in europe, check out or website and give us a shout if you like! I have comprehensive blog here on analytic bridge if you want to see what we do, in predictive analytic terms.

thanx Vincent, John


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