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What are the SAS procedures that you use most in your daily work?

Which modules? Which procedures? What is your industry?

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With ODS (layout) and Dashboards, Proc SGPLOT, Proc GKPI, Proc SGPANEL and Proc REPORT.

With Time series transformations into common time dimensions and derivatives, Proc Expand.

EM5.3 and now 6.2 is a must for PMML output and neural or logistic models (Try the rule induction for something unique - copyrighted by SAS themselves)

And of course the Powerdog Proc Means using Class variable.

Used in varied consulting engagements.
Base and Stat
I am a statistics consultant at a hospital
I am in an advanced analytics group in a market research company.

Other than routine procs in Base SAS (like import, export, freq,corr, univariate) and SAS/STAT (means, reg, factor, anova, glm, cluster, phreg, logistic), I make heavy use of macros and SAS/IML. Also make fair amount of use of optmodel from SAS/OR and have started using proc mcmc.

work Base SAS,
1. Base (of course!) incuding macros
2. Stat,
3. ETS (rarely)
4. Access for PC Files

Many of them, top 10 being:
1. Logistic
2. GLM
3. Fastclus and Cluster
4. Reg
5. Means
6. Freq
7. Univariate
8. Genmod
9. Calis

Multiple: as and analytics and quantitative research professional, I get to address business questions from different domains like financia services (Insurance, banks - credit cards and retail loans), retail, beverage, aviation, education, and so forth.
I should use mostly DI Studio; but whenever I can I switch to Base. I also use a lot of WA and EM; sometimes STAT/GRAPH and IML.
I mostly stick to proc sql, proc transpose, import/export, datasets and contents. Most of the stuff I do need data step's functions and macro's code.
We work for the public administration.

Hi Vincent,

I am working in clinical domain. Frequently used procedures in SAS are

Base SAS Procedures: Sort, Transpose, Append, Sql.

STAT Procedures: Freq, Means, Univariate, Ttest, Rank, Npar1way, Mixed, Glm, Logistic.

Graphical Procedures: Gplot, Boxplot (With annotation).



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