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Hi, everyone:

Has this victory of IBM Watson in Jeopardy show meant anything to data mining field?  Here, a quote from McKinsey Quarterly "it became the first machine to truly master natural, slang-infused language,...".  Please share your point of view.  Thanks.

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Yeah, one computer in the world can read books and extract some information.


So it's in 4th year of basic school. Lets wait another 20 year and watch if it ever reaches high school.

I believe the goal of Watson was not to be capable of data mining and machine learning textual references.  I believe the main goal was the SPEED of Watson.  I don't think anything that IBM did with Watson was trivial.  I'm sure if I had a week I could get to pretty close the same solutions.  But I don't think I could develop a platform that could provide multiple probable solutions within milliseconds.


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