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What is the last field where analytic talent will always be needed?

Healthcare? Litigation? Crime and fraud detection? Clinical trials? Intelligence (DoD related)? Please share your opinion. I won't share mine, as my opinion is biased.

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Government statistics will always be with us. Followed by clinical trials and other regulated industries where collection and analysis of data is mandatory.
I think life sciences in general...given the data we have and problems to solve...this field will always need great analytics talent.
My answer would have to be the U.S. federal government. Even in the event of a nuclear war that wipes every industry off the map, the U.S. government will still be constitutionally required to do a decennial census. However, I think analytics will grow in every field in the years to come. The area that I think has the most to gain from more analytical talent? Retail and wholesale distribution.
How about Web mining?
Thanks everyone for your support, you're the best!!

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I will say life sciences such as QTL mapping and fraud in any area- healthcare, banking etc.

Please clarify your question. What do you mean by "last field" ? Are you talking about what is hot ? When you say "needed" to you mean critical, or most in demand ?

-Ralph Winters
I thought to answer quickly, but the term "last field" made me think differently.

There will always be a new frontier to research and thus the "last field."

So I'll consider this from 'the now', and then 'the future.'

As to "Now" - I'd say - in general, the government. If you have read Alvin Toffler (Future Shock or Powershift) then those institutions under threat from changes in the information age, are most likely to cling to past practices. Top of this list is Governments. Governments move ponderously and do not change quickly. Governments do not lead innovation. Governments rely on business & universities (research departments) to innovate and develop new analytic methods. Governments always have a need. I suggest that the IRS (internal revenue service) is the LAST.

As to the "Future" Last area - people are drowning in information. Its not feasible today, for an individual to build his own personal analytic system. Hence talent is needed to solve this problem but it will not happen for a very long time; and perhaps the LAST area where there is a need.
of course patent data as idea and / or imagination is more important than knowledge .


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