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Whats Your Experience With Tableau, a Business Intelligence software? Need Valuable Feedback

I recently came across Tableau in a featured email via Analtica Bridge and need to get some user experience feedback before I personally buy this desktop software in hopes of making quicker decisions at work.

Let me know what you think!

Eric Ramos

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The is very User friendly and quite impress of visual design.
I had little trouble talking my previous employer into buying a (enterprise-level; means it accesses MS SQL, Oracle, etc.) seat for Tableau...especially with all the people looking over my shoulder and asking "What's THAT?!"
Account Exec Larry Keller (sp??) made sure I knew that FedEx bought 200 (not a typo) seats, and also made sure I got the Free intro training before my licensed package even arrived (I even got a certificate).
If we had bought Tableau a year or so earlier, we would have saved about $80-100kon a branch we closed... would have closed it much earlier.
The drag and drop to "shelves" interface is easy... it took 90% less time to accomplish something in Tableau that it did in Excel.
I love the fact that they now have a server version... means my execs can play to their heart's content (with what I let them access) and they never touch the actual database.
Go to and get their white papers.
I have no stake in this company or its owners. They developed this for Homeland Security for a reason.
Probably the best data visualization software since the abacus.
No kidding.
Jim Stachura
Thanks for your input. I was able to squeeze out some budget out of the execs for a desktop version. This will set a path for an eventual server license if my "proof of concept" plays out.

Thanks for your input.

Eric Ramos


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