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Hi all,

I have decided to target my career toward analytics / datamining. For various reasons that are outside the scope of this post, I have access to a lot of interesting data for which I could get an expertise in and charge a nice amount of money for.

I am a web application developer so I know programming very well and have a basic know of stats.

Problem is that my knowledge of stats is quite limited (I know the basic concepts) and I frankly dont know where to start. I have started to learn R but quickly got stuck when I wanted to analyze my own data sets because I havent found training targeted a people who are beginners in stats AND R. Is there such a thing?

Actually, I have had such a hard time to find real world examples that I am thinking about starting a blog to explain real life case from start to finish.

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If you are wanting a quick fix to statistical knowledge you may want to seek out a local community college (if in the U.S.). There a great number of excellent instructors at the Community College level and classes can be registered on a good budget. Just a thought.

Also there are a number of online videos in R, data mining, and introductory statistics.

I highly recommend the Stats202 videos as they are prepared like a college lecture.
Thx for the suggestions. I should have stated that going back to school is out of the question for me. I learn much faster than the average person so getting stuck in a classroom can bore me in less than 5 minutes. I was thinking about hiring a stat student to mentor me but since I have some serious time constrains (baby and new house on the way) I think I will start with the online course you pointed me to. thx

Check out the other recent posts on graduate certificates. Especially Central Connecticut State where the courses are online and thus self paced. You can really make most of the courses as robust as you'd like (if you are a quick study) given that they are project based. You'll get a grounding in statistics, linear models and such as well.
Also take a look at Open Courseware. There are some really good resources open and online from high level academic institutions.

I suggest using the OCW search links
Thanks a lot guys for these quality links! I now have a lot of content to read/watch!

I am starting with the Google 202 videos for the intro until my R book arrives. You will see me here in a few weeks with more questions ;-)
If you are interested in the latest R news have a read at Its an aggregrate of a bunch of R blogs. I read it daily for updates.
Hi Alain,

I am going through similar dilemma. I have enrolled at UCSD for data mining certificate. But big question I am facing is how to get an experience in data mining area. I am hoping that UCSD certificate will help me to gain basic knowledge in this area .

Thanks & Regards,


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