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Which Latex/Tex editor do you use? If you use more than one, which is the best one?

I am going to start. I use two Latex/Tex editors: WinTex and PCTEXv6. I would say that both of them are useful and quite similar although the last one has more features than the first one.

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Hello all,
I usually use LEd: is not so complete, but it's free...

I prefer because of its clearly arranged gui and its wysiwyg - commands. Oh and it is free, too :)
Thank you!
Guys.. I actually use Eclipse.. They have a great plugin! The big advantage is that it compiles as you write and works the same way in most OS. Take a look at

Have fun,
Thank you Jose!
I will try it and tell you!
I have been using Texmaker for a while although I have tried WinEDT and LEd in the past. I use it because its free and it underlines misspelled words on the go, so you can easily see anything that is wrong (I found the lack of this feature in older Tex programs as a drag because the spell check features aren't always the best on these things). Maybe newer versions of some Tex editors already incorporate this spell check feature but I just thought it was worth pointing out. Apart from that, I don't really mind too much any of the other differences.

I am using LyX for two years and prefer it - mainly beacuse it is a less distracting place to write than in a file with lots of markup visible.

It has lots of great usability features (e.g.

  1. the 'go back to last place where a change was made' button - which eg makes inserting bibliography entries so simple
  2. the insert and paragraph types menus adapt to the class you are using
  3. you can add raw LaTeX when needed.
  4. graphics are previewed on screen - no more wondering which file is the right one when you insert it.
  5. I could go on...


In version 2 they have much improved features like spell checking. It is cross platform - I can write from windows or Mac and build the doc from windows or mac and get exactly the same result. :-)


On Mac I sometimes use editors that come with the texLive distribution and on Windows the same texworks. I prefer these to LeD.


Recently other options are opening with the extensive multimarkdown support for LaTeX generation this and tools like Tex Touch are taking LaTeX up a level in usability.

Check out org mode running in Emacs with babel (get the Emacs version from Vincent Gourlay at it has org mode already installed).

Here you use mmd mark up to get a simple writing experience and then make a PDF using LaTeX with a keystoke. Very cool.

There is even mobile org allowing you to edit & sync org files from a smart phone.



I'm on the Mac, and I use TexShop. It's got all the GUI bells and whistles, and a big open space for the code.


On the Windows machine, it's Texniccenter for me, too, but I work on LaTex very rarely there.


I'm not a heavy user, though, so these do the job for me.


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