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Google is one of the largest data companies on the planet, yet there is one area where its coverage of consumer data is very weak - credit reference data.

Credit reference agencies such as Experian and Equifax were the original "Big Data" organizations, have global reach and still maintain some of the most massive consumer databases in existence. 

I think its only a matter of time until Google buys up one of these companies - what do others think?

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I believe it logical to think  that Google would buy a credit rating company in future since this notion of Big data data is behind both of them..however if you closely monitor the type of companies Google bought recently ,you'll get a feeler that Google is more inclined towards artificial intelligence and machine learning, (Deepmind Technologies, Boston Dyanmics) and not so keen in financial companies.

Additionally  Google seems to be  more interested in adding value through  combinations of technology & analytics  and address psychometric aspects of human life but not financial aspect of human life.

But never say never :)


Himanshu Sinha


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