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 I am working on Matlab version 8 and I am very new to it.

I wanted to know if there is a way through which I can apply Matlab Scripts or Fuctions directly to MySql.

For example,

 I have a huge daatabse in MySQL and I want to apply a function to calculate distance scripted in Matlab so that my output is an SQL table.

I dont want to import the SQL table into Matlab as due to the size of the database, the matlab datasets sometimes run out of memory if the result is a large database.

Any help would be kindly aprreciated. Thank you!!  

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the database toolbox available from Mathworks has all the functionality you need:

I did use this toolbox quite a while ago (R2011b) to perform SQL queries within Matlab for reading/writing... 
I guess that Matlab memory limits can be circumvented by appropriate SQL reads which only return partial data that is necessary for the distance calculations (if possible).

For work with bigger datasets, newer Matlab versions also provide some tools (which I did not test myself), see:

Hope this helps.


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