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How frequent is this type of fraud (fraudulent ACH transfer)? How can a company obtain listings of checking account numbers? Or can it be automated fraud, testing million of account numbers to see which ones work?

In one instance, the fraudulent merchant stealing money away from checking accounts (through ACH transfers) leaves a transaction log as follows: LOC/COP/DRPU PAYMENT xyz, where xyz is a sequence of digits. No phone number, no company names, multiple small transactions on the same day.

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I have just discovered three fraudulent charges (someone used my bank account and routing number)
on my checking account. I've never given this information online so they got it from the mails or some other way. Unless they cracked my online account. Mine had those same letters with a slight twist:


What do you know about this? Has the perosm or company responsible been identiified? Please hel. My bank and I would like any info you have.

It turned out, after many hours of investigations, that LOC was legitimate transactions from the Library of Congress: someone wrote 5 checks to LOC, one for each copyright package. However, it was transformed into ACH transactions, and the "merchant" (LOC) had no real name, no phone number, no address, and they processed the transactions more than a month after the checks were sent, making it appears highly fraudulent.
Library of Congress yes that's it. I'm a songwriter and I sent three checks in March which I now find out haven't shown up as being cashed. I'd forgotten about them.
Thanks for the info, saved me an lot of trouble. I was going to have to go to the bank and cancel my account tomorrow.

That is correct but, you know the funny is that this is the only site I could find w/info on this subject thanks.....
This is hilarious. I had exactly the same experience. My wife and I write perhaps 5 checks a year. And, I discover this $45 ACH debit on my online bank history. LOC/COP/DRPU Payment. Cannot figure it out, call the bank, they are not helpful (I'm a senior manager there, sheesh....). Bug the shit out of my charming and lovely wife, who finally takes bogus responsibility, just to enjoy her breakfast. And, then I search the web, find your post, and realize: I send a check to the LOC for my son's copyright application at least three months ago. Would someone please tell the LOC to get with the program!!
LOC/COP/DRPU is definitely Library of Congress. I work at a bank and I had to dig this up today because someone thought they had a fraudulent ACH draft on the their account.

FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM and WANTED TO COME BACK HERE AND SHARE WITH EVERYONE WHO MAY BE SEARCHING FOR THE SAME TERMS I DID (LOC/COP/DRPU ... etc).  It IS real. It is indeed from Library of Congress (LOC) and it's for copyright-related application processing. We sent in $2200 of apps, but had completely forgotten. Why? >>> Cuz it was FOUR MONTHS AGO!!!  Yep!  So, note to all: Look back thru  your checkbook ENTRY LOG (maybe 3-6 months I'm guessing). We all know how slow...I mean overloaded they are. We think it would be MUCH smarter (and slightly courteous?) if they would send an email when that charge goes thru MONTHS later...instead of "figure it for yourself dumba*s" which is consisent with the way they view/ treat customers. Hope this helps others!!


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