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Imperva found that nearly 1 percent of the 32 million people it studied had used "123456" as a password. The second-most-popular password was "12345." Others in the top 20 included "qwerty," "abc123" and "princess."

More disturbing, said Mr. Shulman, was that about 20 percent of people on the RockYou list picked from the same, relatively small pool of 5,000 passwords.

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I have done similar study nearly 14 years ago. In a different demographics base (non English speakers).
Results was almost the same. First place (password) second (123456) etc. This is how psychology works. This is how most password cracking programs works too. They use frequency dictionaries. Where first a password frequency list is used and next frequency dictionary from ordinary text corpus.
Recently I read somewhere that there is similar problem with house security systems and the need for master code for them (used by security personal) that is usually put at some simple value like 000000 or similar.


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