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I am a totally new user to Rapid Miner and I was trying to use RapidMiner to do association rule analysis but I didn't know the format of the inputs that required for this analysis in RapidMiner. The user guide does not tell much about it.

I tried R for this analysis but ran into memory limitation. For R, I do know the required format of the input. R accepts CSV file with one column containing the order identification ID and the other column containing the product ID, and hence there could be several records for a single order in the file. Does this also apply to RapidMiner?

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RapidMiner can handle such a CSV data format for association rule analysis as well. The standard way of reading in CSV files in RapidMiner is the Operator CSVExampleSource. Besides of the well-known Apriori algorithm for association rule learning, RapidMiner also provides an implementation of the more time efficient FPGrowth algorithm.

The best place to get technical support for RapidMiner is the public RapidMiner forum:

For professional RapidMiner support with guaranteed response times, you may want to check the RapidMiner Enterprise Edition including 12 month of professional support:

there is now a set of video tutorials on the RapidMiner page at

Hope that helps,
How about documentation? Do you have any documentation that would first explain the techniques and concepts of RapidMiner?
You can use rapid miner manual. I have one site link also for video tutorials

If you need more help let me know at
On the rapidminer page on sourceforge (-> you can even find up2date - manuals :)

happy mining


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