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i whant to preapre a article about text mining but i cant find good source would you give me a suggestion or send a pdf about it for me
best regards

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if you can be specific in which area you want to explore.
Text mining is a vast domain, which I feel can be divided in broadly three areas indexing/ searching, entity extraction, and relation extraction or natural language processing.
you can check literature on Latent Semantic Analysis, if you are interested in understanding how document analysis is done or Conditional Random Fields if you are interested in understanding how entity extraction is done. Even NLP has vast documentation available online. Please explore and let me know if you need any help in any particular area.

Hi Tim: why don't try the site of Gate?

they have 9 or 10 years working with text engineering and have developeda nice, Open Source program to practice Text Mining in several languages.
Hello Tim
I don't know what is the status of your article but I have i am sending. Inform me it is useful or not.
dear sir
tnx for your help
the subject is text recognition by using neural network


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