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1. Announcements

  • Text Analytics Summit West - November 10-11, San Jose - The Text Analytics Summit has been a staple of the text analytics community for the past 7 years. To help this community grow, the Text Analytics Summit is finally coming to the west coast to foster new networking opportunities, promote deep knowledge sharing, and create strong, long-lasting business relationships. Text Analytics is essential for maximizing the customer experience, effectively monitoring the social media world, conducting first-class data analysis and research, and improving the business decision making process. Attend this summit to discover how to unlock the power of text analytics to leverage new and profitable business opportunities.

    Experts speakers from organizations like Cisco, eBay, Radian6, EMC, Zynga, and J.D. Power & Associates will be in attendance to deliver their insights on the present and future state of the text analytics market. Text Analytics is essential for maximizing the customer experience, effectively monitoring the social media world, conducting first-class data analysis and research, and improving the business decision making process. Register with discount code ABRIDGE7 and save $150! See for more information.

  • Rapid-I - Founder of open source data mining software Rapid|Miner, Rapid-I provides software, solutions, and services in the fields of predictive analytics, data mining, and text mining. The company concentrates on automatic intelligent analyses on a large-scale base, i.e. for large amounts of structured data like database systems and unstructured data like texts. The open-source data mining specialist Rapid-I enables other companies to use leading-edge technologies for data mining and business intelligence.

  • Webinars and courses from The Modeling Agency
    • Webinar - “Data Mining: Failure to Launch” ( Free Event: Oct 18 ) – Learn how to get Predictive Analytics off the ground and into orbit. In this vendor-neutral presentation, participants will learn why more than half of all data mining projects fail or fall short; how to avoid common pitfalls; valuable tips and tricks to enhance predictive modeling performance; why data mining is within their grasp; and how to get started. View event details and register for this Free Webinar
    • Courses – Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: Model Development & Strategic Implementation ( Nov 14-18 Dallas | Dec 5 - 9 Los Angeles ) -- If you want to learn what really works in predictive modeling and why you should target 1000% ROI from your data mining initiatives, dive straight into The Modeling Agency's Predictive Analytics & Data Mining course series. The series is designed to get you up to speed faster and more effectively than any other program available. Highly seasoned consultants convey a comprehensive and highly pragmatic view of data mining from two distinctly different yet highly complementary orientations. Since The Modeling Agency is not a tools vendor, participants enjoy a balanced, broad, and non-promotional perspective of predictive analytics. View full course details and secure registration

  • Text Analytics World October 19-20 in NYC

    Text Analytics World New York City (TAW), October 19-20, covers advanced methods that leverage unstructured data for maximum business impact, and reveals the latest in text analytics technology. The jam-packed agenda covers the spectrum of text analytics business applications including voice-of-the-customer analytics, decision support, sentiment analysis, financial indicators from social media, application processing, knowledge extraction, semantic web, survey analysis, fraud detection, topic discovery, document filtering and document summarization. Learn more:

    Register & Save: Take 15% off the Two Day Pass registration fee with this posting's promotional discount code: ABR15.

  • Predictive Analytics World, Oct 16-21, 2011 in NYC

    Predictive Analytics World, October 16-21 in New York City (, is the business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics, across industries. The conference program is packed with the top predictive analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders.

    Want to learn more?

    Register & Save: Take 15% off the Two Day Pass registration fee with this posting's promotional discount code: ABR15.

  • StatSoft Announces the Release of STATISTICA Version 10: STATISTICA 10 offers many new, unique features and added functionality to the entire STATISTICA product line. These improvements can be found in both the 32-bit version and the native 64-bit version of STATISTICA. All upgrades to STATISTICA 10 include the 64-bit version at no additional cost.

  • Wharton School Workshop: Probability models for customer based analysis - Customer base analysis seeks to use information on the history of customer purchase patterns to address forward-looking questions such as: (1) Which individuals are most likely to be active (or inactive) customers in a future period of time? (2) What will the aggregate and disaggregate purchase patterns look like for a group of customers in the future period? (3) What will be the “customer lifetime value” for a group of customers listed in the firm’s database? An increasingly large number of practitioners have been charged by senior management to obtain valid answers to these kinds of questions, but unfortunately their skills – and the set of commonly available commercial tools – are not well-suited for these important tasks.

    This two-day workshop aims to fill in these gaps by bringing sophisticated practitioners fully up to speed on the essential techniques that should underlie their customer-base forecasting activities. Our two main objectives are: (1) to overview the basics of using probability models for forecasting purposes in general, and (2) to use these “building blocks” in a series of focused models/examples that illustrate several state-of-the-art approaches towards customer-base analysis.

    Click here for details.

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 13-19 - We are offering a key opportunity to enhance your understanding of operations research, management science, and advanced analytics. Go from the pages of Analytics Magazine to where the action takes place and get the answers you seek from fellow attendees and exhibitors at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. The 2011 INFORMS Annual Meeting is one of our biggest draws and offers something to all who attend. The last couple of years have seen record-breaking attendance. No other venue offers you the ultimate in networking opportunities and forging new relationships by attending community meetings and social and special events.

    Over the course of four days you will be able to seek and explore opportunities in the latest OR/MS and analytics research, hear top industry and academic speakers, attend extensive tracks on hot topics, and experience interactive sessions. Challenges in healthcare delivery, the environment, sustainability, and e-commerce are a few of the topics to be highlighted.

    Click here for details

2. Message From The Editor

  • We encourage you to re-post Analyticbridge articles that you like, on your blog or elsewhere: post the first paragraph, with a link to the full article on Analyticbridge. Currently, Vincent Granville agrees to share all his featured blog posts. We will provide updates when other authors agree to participate in this blog-sharing program.

    We also encourage you to publish high quality blog posts on Analyticbridge: great posts get featured and broadly redistributed, some get more than 1,000 page views in a short amount of time - more than on any other analytic networks. Posting on Analyticbridge and participating in our discussions help you build your visibility, career growth, network and credibility in the analytic community.

    Last but not least, please invite your peers - and even better, invite your boss - to join our community. One way to thank us for the hard and good quality work is by inviting quality analytic professionals to join Analyticbridge.

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3. Selected News and Contributions

4. Job Section

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