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  • Data Mining: Failure to Launch (Free Webinar, September 28) -- Get Predictive Analytics off the ground and into orbit. In this vendor-neutral and method agnostic live presentation, participants will learn why more than half of all data mining projects fail or fall short; how to avoid common pitfalls; valuable tips and tricks to enhance predictive modeling performance; why data mining is within their grasp; and how to get started. View event details and register for this Free Webinar.

  • Rapid-I - Founder of open source data mining software RapidMiner, Rapid-I provides software, solutions, and services in the fields of predictive analytics, data mining, and text mining. The company concentrates on automatic intelligent analyses on a large-scale base, i.e. for large amounts of structured data like database systems and unstructured data like texts. The open-source data mining specialist Rapid-I enables other companies to use leading-edge technologies for data mining and business intelligence.

  • Data Mining with STATISTICA Video Series -- The Data Mining with STATISTICA series is 35 videos covering concepts, process, and hands-on data mining. The intent of this series is to familiarize you with data mining, so that you are empowered to start your own data mining projects and can carry out the projects successfully. You will see the tools that are available, the output they produce with tips about interpreting the output, and how to display project success. To be notified when new episodes are made available register at
  • Predictive Analytics World Conferences/Workshops in Oct & Nov

  • Rapid Insight - Rapid Insight Inc. is a leading provider of business intelligence and automated predictive analytics software. With a focus on ease of use and efficiency, Rapid Insight® products enable users to turn their raw data into actionable information. Data can be merged, cleansed, and aggregated from multiple sources in multiple formats. Visual processes can be saved and modified for the creation of analytic datasets, ad-hoc analyses, and reports. Predictive models can be built in minutes instead of weeks.

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  • Tom Wolfer is our Member of the Month for August 2010. Tom posted a few interesting blogs and several replies to a number of questions asked by other members. Tom is one of our faithful contributors. Many of his AnalyticBridge postings have been featured and re-published (via our news feed) on various networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, SmartDataCollective, etc. A $250 prize is offered each month to our Member of the Month.

  • You can automatically (and at no cost) generate high quality content on your blog, network or LinkedIn group by adding our featured blogs feed. Our feed URL is

  • Deadline for the INFORMS Data Mining Contest 2010 is October 10th 2010. Time is running!

  • Coming soon: AnalyticBridge Certification. Post an interesting blog or intelligent responses, and earn our Analytic Certification, awarded by Dr. Vincent Granville. There is no application: indeed, you could even win our $250 member of the month award. Instructions about how to gain the certification will be published soon.

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