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Over the last few days, I posted several blog posts and updated my profile on all social networks: new picture, new bio, new links, new job etc. As an Analyticbridge member, I invite you to do the same with your Analyticbridge profile, and to connect with me on any of the following networks (see Links section below). I will accept invites from all recipients of this message.


Updated Bio:

Dr. Vincent Granville is a visionary data scientist with 15 years of data mining, big data, text mining, predictive modeling, business analytics, quantitative analysis and digital analytics experience. Vincent is widely recognized as the leading expert in scoring technology, fraud detection and web traffic optimization. Over the last ten years, he has worked in real-time credit card fraud detection with Visa, advertising mix optimization with CNET, A/B testing with LowerMyBills, online user experience with Wells Fargo, search intelligence with InfoSpace, automated bidding with eBay, data mining with Microsoft, click fraud detection with major search engines and large advertising clients, as well as statistical litigation.

Vincent was formerly Chief Science Officer at Authenticlick. Most recently, he successfully launched AnalyticBridge, the largest social network for analytic professionals, with 45,000 subscribers. Vincent is a former post-doctorate of Cambridge University and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences. He was among the finalists at the Wharton School Business Plan Competition and at the Belgian Mathematical Olympiads. Vincent has published 40 papers in statistical journals and is an invited speaker at international conferences. He also developed a new data mining technology known as hidden decision trees, owns multiple patents, published the first data science book, and raised $6MM in start-up funding.


In the next few weeks, I will publish many more blog posts on data science technology, and will include them in our Data Science e-Book. 

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