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Term (up to 4 years) position available in the Biological Resources Branch at Everglades National Park.

Develop analytical and geostatistical solutions to examine spatial trends of land cover and wildlife habitat change in the Everglades landscape and landscape model integration with public and policy-maker decision support systems. The incumbent will be expected to develop innovative and effective approaches examining scale, spatial configuration and landscape issues in the creation, validation and application of regional models. Using integrating computer models and other tools with biological and physical scientific information and resources management practices, conducts analysis of geo-referenced data to determine resources conditions or trends; models expected or predicted results of alternative management actions; and works to aid in resolution to management issues. Integrates a variety of GIS, statistical and database management software, and when necessary, modifies or adapts standard software to meet program needs. Implements data documentation procedures and data distribution using appropriate technologies, e.g. Internet.

Tags: florida, spatial statistics

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