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  • Author: Bill Vorhies - other articles by Bill Vorhies
    SummaryThe world of healthcare may look like the most fertile field for AI/ML apps but in practice it’s fraught with barriers. These range from cultural differences, to the failure of developers to really understand the environment they are trying to enhance, to regulatory and logical Catch 22s that work against adoption.
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  • How to Use Time Series Data to Forecast at Scale - Sep 12

    In this latest Data Science Central webinar, we will demonstrate how to leverage InfluxDB to implement some solutions to tackle on the issues of time series forecasting at scale, including continuous accuracy evaluation and algorithm hyperparameters optimization. As a real world use case, we will discuss the storage forecasting implementation in Veritas Predictive Insights which is capable of training, evaluating and forecasting over 70,000 time series daily.

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