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  • Tips on How to Avoid Biased Models

Bias in the model can happen through different stages of the modeling process. The most important stage is data selection and sometimes bias is the result of selection of the data itself, rather than an error with labeling the data. In this latest DSC podcast we will talk about different categories of data bias and different approaches to avoid a bias decision as a result of low quality data. Download now

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Author: Bill Schmarzo - other articles by Bill Schmarzo
We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to address one of modern society’s biggest challenges – the choice between healthcare or the economy. For the past several decades, we have treated this as an “either or” choice between one or the other; that to improve the economy we must reduce healthcare spending or to improve healthcare we must sacrifice the economy. To that sort of thinking I say BULL!

The coronavirus COVID-19 situation is showing us a very important lesson – that healthcare and the economy are tightly linked; that it can’t be an “either or” choice. As a society – as a world – we must start thinking more holistically about the healthcare or economy challenge and reframe our approach from a scarcity (“either or”) mentality to an abundance (”and”) mentality.

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