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Intern positions:

We are interested in hiring a data science or statistics graduate student to (1) identify great or popular analytic postings on our internal network, (2) identify and join great analytic groups across multiple external networks, and (3) leverage these two skills to efficiently deliver highly targeted computational marketing campaigns on social networks to grow our membership. We will provide training to succeed in this mission. No programming / coding skills required, although a slight preference will be given to candidates familiar with writing web crawlers in Perl, or willing to learn this technology from us with minimum training, when working with us. Telecommute is OK. You must be familiar with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and maybe Quora. This is a paid position, with earnings based on quality and quantity of contributions. Contact us at [email protected] if interested. The successful candidate will learn, during the course of this internship, how to build a profitable social network: this is a great opportunity to learn how to become a successful social network entrepreneur. The mentor, for this position, is Dr. Vincent Granville, founder, entrepreneur, executive director and chief architect at Analyticbridge. We will provide great recommendations to successful interns.

PhD Data Scientist:

How could you help us grow our traffic, both in volume and quality? Or maybe contribute as a blogger or perform statistical analyses for us, such as the production of our list of top 1,000 analytic websites with trends, or our AaaS (Analytics as a Service) big data scoring platform. Let us know, and convince us to create this position for you. Graduates from top schools (Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Caltech, MIT, NorthWestern, Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M, Havard, Princeton, Georgia Tech, Wharton, etc.) are encouraged to contact us. 

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Hi sir,

I am george from philadelphia. I am interested to join intern position in Data Science. I have completed Master of Technology in Computer Science Engineering. Thank you




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