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Rapid-I certification program for RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics data mining and text mining experts

Rapid-I offers certification for RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics data mining and text mining experts:

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Hi, Ralf:

That is great news.  I would love to get certified.  HOWEVER, my biggest concern is that all your training courses are offered in Germany, not in the US.   I live and work in the US and can't possibly go to Germany to take the instructor-led training courses.  Could you come up with training courses in the US?  Thanks.

Hi Yi-Chun Tsai,

we also offer training courses in the US. The next set of courses in the US will be offered in July 2011. The exact dates and locations will be posted on the Rapid-I web site [ ] and published in the Rapid-I newsletter:

So, if you do not want to miss these training courses, I recommend to subscribe to the Rapid-I newsletter or to keep an eye on the Rapid-I web page.

Best regards,


Thanks Ralf.  That's wonderful.  I can't wait for this training courses and certification program as I am looking for alternative to SAS Enterprise Miner. 

Hi Yi-Chun Tsai,

here is more information about the RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics training and certification by Rapid-I in the US from July 18th to July 29th, 2011: 

Please let me know, if you have any further questions.

Best regards,



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