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Which of these programs are online? 

As I'm aware, University of Washington is online :

They did not include the MIT, programs in Europe, online programs like coursera.

Also there are programs not offered by traditional universities, yet of very high standards, delivered online, very inexpensive, short (6 months) and focusing on real big data and business problems, and ignoring irrelevant material that is still taught in old-fashioned curricula. Our data science apprenticeship is such an example. The material is presented in a very compact way and is great for self-learners, designed by a self-learner, for other self-learners.

Thanks for posting this. We are following this closely at Data Informed and have created an interactive map with many of these programs and others. We also continue to update our map. See: Big Data University Map

Michael Goldberg

Click here for Gill Press list of programs on WhatsBigData.


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