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Skilled data scientists are in great demand on the European job market currently and PhDs with analytical backgrounds make excellent data scientists.  This five week workshop will train analytical PhD.

Workshop Overview

Solve a real-life, big data problem

We believe in learning by doing.
The main coursework will be to complete a real life big data problem supplied by our sponsor companies. The project, which will run in parallel throughout the five weeks, will be solved in teams of 3-4 and should take approximately 3.5 weeks of full time work.

Practical, professional development

Through the project you will get specific in-depth knowledge and skills on a particular big data topic. Additionally, to give you a breadth of knowledge, the curriculum is supplemented with approximately 30 hours of lectures and exercises in a range of data and software topics as well as professional development and business skills.

Five week duration

The program lasts for approximately five weeks, with lectures and exercises all in the first week and a half, followed by project work. The projects will be presented by the team at the end of the five weeks. Week four will also see a one-day job fair introducing companies interested in hiring in this sector. Expect an intense but exciting experience.

Who can apply?

The following minimum criteria will be required for interested applicants:

  • PhD in an analytical science;
  • Some programming experience 
    (experience with at least one of Python, C/C++, R, IDL, Java or similar);
  • Documented experience in use of mathematical and statistical methods;
  • Strong desire to change careers into a Data Science role;
  • Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking;
  • Ability to attend the full five weeks of the workshop.

For details or to enroll in the August 2015 program, visit

PS: The image here represents Lake Brienz in Switzerland (I used it to illustrate Europe), but the classes take place in London.

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