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Zipfian Academy Launches Data Fellowship and Data Engineering Immersive Program

Zipfian Academy’s immersive training programs help quantitative PhDs, software engineers, and analysts transition into data science careers. One year ago, we launched our Data Science Immersive program to provide practical data science education focused on solving real industry problems.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of two new programs: the Data Fellowship and the Data Engineering Immersive.

From the start, it’s been clear that a curriculum built on input from hiring partners is the key to preparing our students for industry. We trained over forty exceptional individuals in the last year, selecting from 600 applicants with backgrounds in physics, econometrics, computer science, and mathematics.

We’re now the center of a community of over 5,000 followers and friends, including alumni, mentors, and partner companies. Our hiring network includes 30+ world-class engineering companies, such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Heroku, Khan Academy, Opower, and Silicon Valley Data Science.

We’ve seen first-hand the evolution of data science roles and specializations, such as Data Developer, Data Engineer, and even Data Janitor. Keeping pace with the changing landscape, we are very excited to announce two new offerings: the Data Fellowship and the Data Engineering Immersive program.

The Data Fellowship

The Data Fellowship is designed for quantitative PhDs and data researchers with the experience in machine learning, statistics, and software engineering needed for data science roles. Fellows have the raw talent that matters, but are missing the practical experience employers are looking for. In this program, participants will synthesize their experiences into industry-ready skills, and receive structured support in navigating the data science career landscape. The Data Fellowship has no cost to students provided they accept a position through our hiring program.

Applications are open now for the Summer 2014 program beginning June 30th. Fellows will work with us for 6 weeks, filling in identified knowledge gaps and finishing a project portfolio to demonstrate their skills to companies excited to hire them.

Data Engineering Immersive

The Data Engineering Immersive program is for software engineers who will go on to build data infrastructures that power the services we use every day. We canvassed our hiring partners to determine the right mix of theory and practice for the curriculum, combining established frameworks like Hadoop with newer entrants such as Spark and Storm.

One insight we uncovered from our hiring partners is a disconnect in industry between data science and data engineering. Too often, each knows only a little about the other, and managers are frustrated by data scientists building models that don’t scale in production.

For this reason, the Data Science and Data Engineering immersives will run concurrently: students from both programs will work hand-in-hand on shared curriculum and projects. By pairing together to implement solutions, our data scientists and engineers will be uniquely qualified to collaborate in industry roles.

Applications are now open for the Data Engineering Immersive program, which begins January 2015. Students will need significant software engineering experience to work through the curriculum, and will build industry-relevant skills in distributed systems.

Applications are Open!

We can’t wait to get started, and in fact, we’ve already begun.

Apply Now:


Team Zipfian Academy

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