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A new issue of the new electronic journal BAYESIAN ANALYSIS has been
published at

This issue of BA features a discussion paper on a subject near and
dear to the current editor-in-chief's heart: sports in general, and
baseball in particular. Shane T. Jensen, Blakeley B. McShane and
Abraham J. Wyner develop a two-state hidden Markov model for modeling
home run hitting performance, where important covariates such as age,
position, and ballpark are also taken into account. Discussions are
provided by three teams of well-known Bayesians with substantial
previous experience in the analysis of sports data, namely Jim Albert
and Phil Birnbaum, Mark Glickman, and Fernando Quintana and Peter
Muller. The remainder of the issue is also very strong, featuring
excellent papers on spatial modeling, sample size estimation, Bayesian
robustness, and of course, Dirichlet process mixtures. The issue
closes with a brief note from the outgoing editor-in-chief, allowing
him the opportunity to say thanks, describe a bit of what we've
accomplished as a journal in the past year or so, and mention where
the journal is headed and what challenges and opportunities it's
likely to face there.

We hope you will enjoy the issue, and as always welcome your submissions at

The December 2009 issue includes the following articles:

2009, Volume 04, Number 04, pp. 631--846

o Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Hitting Performance in
Baseball, by Shane T. Jensen, Blakeley B. McShane and
Abraham J. Wyner, pp. 631 - 652, posted online 2009-08-11,

+ Comment on Article by Jensen et al, by Jim Albert
and Phil Birnbaum, pp. 653 - 660, posted online
2009-11-25, DOI:10.1214/09-BA424A

+ Comment on Article by Jensen et al, by Mark
E. Glickman, pp. 661 - 664, posted online 2009-11-25,

+ Comment on Article by Jensen et al, by Fernando
A. Quintana and Peter Muller, pp. 665 - 668, posted
online 2009-11-25, DOI:10.1214/09-BA424C

+ Rejoinder, by Shane T. Jensen, Blakeley B. McShane
and Abraham J. Wyner, pp. 669 - 674, posted online
2009-11-25, DOI:10.1214/09-BA424REJ

o Bayesian Inference for Directional Conditionally
Autoregressive Models, by Minjung Kyung and Sujit K. Ghosh,
pp. 675 - 706, posted online 2009-08-27,

o Spiked Dirichlet Process Prior for Bayesian Multiple
Hypothesis Testing in Random Effects Models, by Sinae Kim,
David B. Dahl and Marina Vannucci, pp. 707 - 732, posted
online 2009-09-11, DOI:10.1214/09-BA426

o Modeling space-time data using stochastic differential
equations, by Jason A. Duan, Alan E. Gelfand and
C. F. Sirmans, pp. 733 - 758, posted online 2009-09-28,

o Inconsistent Bayesian Estimation, by Ronald Christensen,
pp. 759 - 762, posted online 2009-11-13,

o Sample Size Calculation for Finding Unseen Species, by
Hongmei Zhang and Hal Stern, pp. 763 - 792, posted online
2009-11-17, DOI:10.1214/09-BA429

o Markov Switching Dirichlet Process Mixture Regression, by
Matthew Taddy and Athanasios Kottas, pp. 793 - 816, posted
online 2009-11-09, DOI:10.1214/09-BA430

o A Case for Robust Bayesian Priors with Applications to
Clinical Trials, by Jairo. A. Fuquene, John. D. Cook and
Luis. R. Pericchi, pp. 817 - 846, posted online 2009-11-25,

o Editor-in-Chief's Note, by Bradley P. Carlin, pp. 847 -
850, posted online 2009-11-27, DOI:10.1214/09-BA432


The journal is sponsored by the International Society for Bayesian
Analysis (ISBA). Its editors are Kate Cowles, Philip Dawid, David
Dunson, David Heckerman, Michael Jordan, Antonietta Mira, and Fabrizio
Ruggeri. Brad Carlin is serving as Editor-in-Chief, Herbie Lee is
Managing Editor, Angelika van der Linde is Production Editor, Marina
Vanucci is Deputy Editor, and Pantelis Vlachos is System Managing

Bayesian Analysis seeks to publish a wide range of articles that
demonstrate or discuss Bayesian methods in some theoretical or applied
context. The journal welcomes submissions involving presentation of
new computational and statistical methods; reviews, criticism, and
discussion of existing approaches; historical perspectives;
description of important scientific or policy application areas; case
studies; and methods for experimental design, data collection, data
sharing, or data mining. Evaluation of submissions is based on
importance of content and effectiveness of communication.


Heidi Rhodes Sestrich
Administrative Coordinator/
Document Production Specialist
Department of Statistics
Baker Hall 232A
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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