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Great textbook about operations research. Particularly useful to the statistician or data scientist who will discover how operations research is similar, and uses the same techniques. I consider it to be part of data science. This textbook is used by Prof Winston at University of Washington in his class Math 381, unfortunately I could not locate it on the Web. I 've purchased a copy in a bookstore selling used books. Maybe it is still available at the University of Washington library. Let me know if you find a place selling it. It must have been a great book, it's sold out.

Author: Wayne L. Winston

ISBN # 978-1-133-69107-5

Published by Centage Learning, 2012

642 pages

Table of Content

  1. An Introduction to Model Building
  2. Introduction to Linear Programming
  3. Network Models
  4. Integer Programming
  5. Review of Calculus and Probability
  6. Decision Making under Uncertainty
  7. Deterministic EOQ Models
  8. Probabilistic Inventory Models
  9. Markov Chains
  10. Queuing Theory
  11. Simulation

Appendix - Cases

Appendix - Answers to Selected Problems

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