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IBM Content Analytics Version 2.1: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content

IBM Content Analytics Version 2.1: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content

  • IBM Content Analytics Version 2.1: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content

  • By: Wei-Dong (Jackie) Zhu; Asako Iwai; Todd Leyba; Josemina Magdalen; Tetsuya Nasukawa; Nitaben (Nita) Patel; Kei Sugano

  • Publisher: IBM Redbooks

  • Pub. Date: August 25, 2010

  • Part Number: SG24-7877-00

  • Print ISBN-10: 0-7384-3460-4

  • Print ISBN-13: 978-0-7384-3460-5

  • Pages in Print Edition: 480

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Overview of IBM Content Analytics
Section 1.1. Content Analytics: Introduction to the business need, solution, product
Section 1.2. Important concepts and terminology
Section 1.3. Content Analytics architecture
Chapter 2. Application design and preparation
Section 2.1. Use-case scenarios
Section 2.2. Data considerations
Section 2.3. Design guide for building a text analytics collection
Section 2.4. Search and Index API
Chapter 3. Understanding content analysis
Section 3.1. Basic concepts of Content Analytics
Section 3.2. Typical cycle of analysis with Content Analytics
Section 3.3. Successful use cases
Section 3.4. Summary
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration
Section 4.1. Installing Content Analytics
Section 4.2. Administering Content Analytics
Section 4.3. Configuring a text analytics collection
Section 4.4. Verifying that the collection is available
Section 4.5. Deploying the configuration
Chapter 5. The basics of the Text Miner application
Section 5.1. Overview of the Text Miner application
Section 5.2. Search and discovery features
Section 5.3. Common features available during analysis
Section 5.4. Text Miner views
Section 5.5. Customizing the Text Miner application
Chapter 6. Performing content analysis
Section 6.1. Discovering actionable insight with the Text Miner application
Section 6.2. Content analysis scenarios
Section 6.3. Configuring the Dictionary Lookup annotator
Section 6.4. Configuring the Pattern Matcher annotator
Section 6.5. Best practices
Chapter 7. Content analysis with IBM Classification Module
Section 7.1. The Classification Module annotator
Section 7.2. Fine tuning your analysis with the Classification Module annotator
Section 7.3. Creating and deploying the Classification Module resource
Section 7.4. Validation and maintenance of the Classification Module annotator
Section 7.5. Best practices
Chapter 8. Exporting data
Section 8.1. Overview of exporting documents and data
Section 8.2. Location and format of the exported data
Section 8.3. Common configuration of the export feature
Section 8.4. Monitoring export requests
Section 8.5. Enabling export and sample configurations
Section 8.6. Deep inspection
Section 8.7. Creating and deploying a custom plug-in
Chapter 9. Configuring annotators
Section 9.1. Document processing pipeline and the annotators
Section 9.2. Custom annotators
Section 9.3. Validation
Chapter 10. IBM Content Assessment scenario
Section 10.1. Content Assessment offering
Section 10.2. Content Assessment overview
Section 10.3. Content Assessment workflow
Section 10.4. Records management and email archiving
Section 10.5. Best practices
Section 10.6. Summary
Chapter 11. Performance tips
Section 11.1. General performance guidelines
Section 11.2. Tuning the crawler component
Section 11.3. Tuning the document processor
Section 11.4. Tuning the indexer
Section 11.5. Enhancing the search performance
Section 11.6. Scalability
Section 11.7. Monitoring the system
Chapter 12. Troubleshooting hints and tips
Section 12.1. Overview of troubleshooting
Section 12.2. General troubleshooting guidelines
Section 12.3. Working with the logs in Content Analytics
Section 12.4. Installation and administration-related troubleshooting
Section 12.5. Text Miner application-related troubleshooting
Section 12.6. Data processing flow-related troubleshooting
Section 12.7. Export-related troubleshooting
Section 12.8. Classification Module server-related troubleshooting tips
Section 12.9. Reporting a problem to the IBM Software Support
Section 12.10. Advanced troubleshooting topics
Appendix A: Security in Content Analytics
The security concept in Content Analytics
Enabling security in the Jetty web server
Limiting user access to the text analytics collection
Appendix B: Sample auto-generated database mapping file
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