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International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science

Lovric, Miodrag (Ed.)

 1st Edition., 2011, LVIII, 1673 p. In 3 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-642-04897-5

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  • Includes contributions by distinguished statisticians and educators from around the world Offers quick, comprehensive and highly accessible information on statistical terms, methods and applications Stimulates interest in statistics education in both developed and developing countries
The goal of this book is multidimensional: a) to help reviving Statistics education in many parts in the world where it is in crisis. For the first time authors from many developing countries have an opportunity to write together with the most prominent world authorities. The editor has spent several years searching for the most reputable statisticians all over the world. International contributors are either presidents of the local statistical societies, or head of the Statistics department at the main university, or the most distinguished statisticians in their countries. b) to enable any non-statistician to obtain quick and yet comprehensive and highly understandable view on certain statistical term, method or application c) to enable all the researchers, managers and practicioners to refresh their knowledge in Statistics, especially in certain controversial fields. d) to revive interest in statistics among students, since they will see its usefulness and relevance in almost all branches of Science.


Overview of Statistical Sciences.- Past, Recent trends and Advances.- Present and Future perspective.

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The list of all 619 contributors along with their affiliations can be found in the following pdf file:

It is interesting to mention that the editor and two members of so-called organizational committee have been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize: more on that can be found in a short article, Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, March Edition 2011, page 13:

Very attractive graphical display of the encyclopedia is available on


Three reviews on this encyclopedia have been recently posted on the

Finally, many leading statisticians have written topics on the methods that they have proposed or discovered, for example

Rubin Causal Model (Donald Rubin)

Sturges’and Scott’s Rules (David Scott)

The Relationship between fuzzy set theory and probability theory (Lotfi Zadeh)

R Language (Robert Gentleman)

Anderson-Darling test (Theodore Anderson)

Cook’s Distance (Dennis Cook)

Optimal Portfolio Theory (Harry Markowitz)

Rank Transformations (WJ Conover)

Robust Statistics (Peter Huber)

Random Matrix Theory (Jack Silverstein)

Entropy  and cross entropy as diversity and distance measures (CR Rao)

Graphical Analysis Of Variance (GEP Box)

Survival Data (Sir David Cox)

Akaike Information Criterion (Hirotugu Akaike, his last paper ever written)

Chernoff-Savage Theorem,

Chernoff Faces, and

Chernoff Bound (Herman Chernoff), etc


There are many other very interesting and important entries that you cannot find in any other encyclopedias written by the major experts, like:

Econometrics - Failed Science? (Jan Kmenta)

Statistical Fallacies, Misconceptions, And Myths (

Shlomo Sawilowsky)

In Defense Of Frequentist Hypothesis Testing (same author)

The Future Of Statistics (Bradley Efron)

Fraud in Statistics (Vassily Simchera)

Null Hypothesis Significance Testing - Misconceptions (

Raymond Nickerson)

The book is aimed to all the researchers and students, written by almost all leading statisticians coming from 105 countries and contains more than 5000 cross-references.

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The most recent story on IESS can be found in the AMSTAT NEWS May edition (cover story):

or full article



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