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ACM 6/6/09 in Palo Alto: Cloud Computing - From Getting Started and Tools, to Large Scale Architecture Design

While this doesn't have analytic content, it may be of interest to AnalyticBridge members for large parallel computation or to handle spikey computation requirements.
RSVP: at above site, go to KAGI to pay

Presented by Dave Nielsen, Platform D

Date: Saturday, 6 June 2009, 8:30 AM
Location: Hewlett Packard (see directions), Pruneridge and Wolfe, Cupertino, Bldg. 48, Oak Room.
Cost: $125 members and $145 non-members to be paid at Kagi;

Do you have a technical background in other areas and you want to get started in Cloud Computing? Do you want to find out more about Map-Reduce and scaling up flexibly on a larger number of CPUs? What tools should be used by a new person to get started quickly or for an experienced development group to develop large scale enterprise system? Do you want to better understand how how one architects systems in the Cloud?

This training session goes over basic cloud concepts in general along with the advantages of Cloud vs. traditional computing. To make things tangible, there is a walk through of the mechanics needed to get an existing, small sample application up an running on a cloud provider. Then the session will cover how such a system could incrementally scale up to dozens or hundreds of CPUs. Architecture principles and decisions will cover how to design and scale systems from small to a huge scale.

The end of the training seminar will allow for questions and an open discussion. Bring your questions and challenges.

About the Speaker
Dave Nielsen is a Web Services industry professional with over 6 years of experience guiding high profile developer programs for companies such as PayPal, Strikeiron, and many others. As a seasoned developer, entrepreneur, technical evangelist and director of partner programs, Dave's experience gives him the experience and credibility to help guide your product strategy and develop a developer marketing plan to help you succeed.

Dave is the founder of CloudCamp and author of the book PayPal Hacks. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business (Marketing) from Cal Poly State University: San Luis Obispo (aka Cal Poly: SLO). See also

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