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Organizations across the globe are using advanced data analytics to maximize the value of their every customer. Customer data and analytics has finally hit that tipping point where it is serving such an important business need that it can't be ignored anymore.

We have compiled a free briefing titled: Customer Analytics - Realizing True Customer Value, full of practical insight, recommendations and predictions from analytics experts from eBay, Telus, RingCentral and more.

Download your free copy of the report here

You’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks for nurturing customers in order to optimize their long term profitability 
  • Why real-time data should be at the core of your business strategy from a former SVP at Telus
  • The keys to tracking social media feedback to spot trends and insights that can amplify your business – straight from Social Media Strategist at RingCentral, Baochi Nguyen
  • A practical Q&A with eBay’s own Sudha Jamthe shedding light on creating a data-friendly culture, personalizing relationships and much more

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Our team would love to hear from you!


Brian Smith | Vice President USA | Text Analytics News | 201-234-4764 |[email protected]

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