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List of Classes and Tutorials:

  1. High Speed Data Ingestion with Sharded NewSQL Databases
  2. Introduction to Hadoop, MapReduce and HDFS for Big Data Applications
  3. How to Integrate Structured and Unstructured Data with Avro
  4. Hadoop by Example 
  5. NoSQL for SQL Professionals 
  6. Getting Started with R and Hadoop, Parts I and II
  7. Mastering Sqoop for Data Transfer for Big Data (with Ting)
  8. Hadoop Data Warehousing with Hive
  9. Getting Started with Cassandra
  10. Hands on Google BigQuery and Predictive API 
  11. Apache Cassandra -- A Deep Dive
  12. How to Fit a Petabyte in Apache HBase
  13. Using Apache HBase's API for Complex Real-Time Queries
  14. In-Database Predictive Analytics
  15. Analytics Maturity Model 
  16. Building Your Own Facebook Graph Search with Cypher and Neo4j
  17. Untangling the Relationship Hairball With a Graph Database
  18. Visualizing Your Graph
  19. A Survey of Probabilistic Data Structures
  20. Hive, Pig, Cascading and Codd: A crash course in MapReduce Relational Languages 
  21. Matrix Methods with Hadoop
  22. What You Can Do with a Tall-and-Skinny QR Factorization on Hadoop
  23. Best Practices for Storing and Analyzing Your Data with Apache Hive
  24. Running Mission Critical Applications on Hadoop
  25. Agile Analytics Applications with Hadoop
  26. Building Applications Using Hbase
  27. Hbase Schema Design Principles 
  28. Hands on Hadoop for Developers
  29. Microsoft's Big Data Story
  30. Addition in the large: Simple counts and not-so-simple counts
  31. Hands on NoSQL for the DBA
  32. MapReduce Tips and tricks
  33. Oozie – a Workflow Scheduler for Hadoop 
  34. Real Time Hadoop
  35. How to See and Understand Big Data 
  36. BIG Data Science: Process and Techniques in Extracting Truth of Large,
  37. Multistructured Data, Parts I and II
  38. Building Successful Data Science Teams 
  39. Visualizing Big Data in the Browser
  40. Data Modeling and Relational Analysis in a NoSQL World
  41. Implementing a Simple Mongo Application
  42. Getting Started with Predictive Modeling: Simple Models and Basic Evaluation
  43. The Dark Sides of Predictive Modeling: Tricks and Pitfalls
  44. Programming with Scalding & Algebird
  45. Hadoop Backup and Disaster Recovery 101
  46. Distributed Search and Real Time Analytics, Parts I and II
  47. Building High Volume Web Applications
  48. Selecting the Right Big Data Tool for the Right Job and Making Them Work for You
  49. Real Time Hadoop
  50. Extending Your Data Infrastructure with Hadoop
  51. Hands on MongoDB
  52. Big Data is (at least) Four Different Problems
  53. Distributed Search and Real Time Analytics, Parts I and II
  54. A Case Study: Data Visualizations and Insight on How America Eats at Restaurants
  55. Taming Elephants, Bees and Pigs - The Big Data Circus
  56. Seven Deadly Hadoop Misconfigurations 
  57. Mastering Sqoop for Data Transfer for Big Data
  58. Building an Impenetrable ZooKeeper
  59. Implementing Next Generation Real Time Data Platform Using HBase
  60. Beyond MapReduce
  61. Hadoop Programming with Scalding
  62. Crash Course in Machine Learning

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