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Agile Fraud Management: Close the Door on Fraud with Real-time Response

10:00-11:00am New York/ 3:00-4:00pm London
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As the communications market evolves and the complexity and speed of new service introduction increases, so do the opportunities for telecoms fraudsters. Communication service providers must implement flexible fraud management solutions and processes that allow them to easily investigate new theories and adapt immediately to close out new threats –irrespective of service or network type.

Kabel Deutschland is Germany’s largest cable operator, offering approximately 8.5 million customers a full range of TV, broadband internet, and both fixed-line and mobile phone services. Join us to hear about their success with an agile fraud management approach, and learn ways to:

  • Adapt your own fraud management practices to more quickly identify and respond to fraud threats
  • Enable greater exploration and discovery to identify new patterns of abnormal usage or behavior
  • Automate the monitoring and analysis of high volume transaction data to mitigate risk from recently identified threats
  • Increase the number and effectiveness of your fraud quality checks, so you can check every step of your processes in real-time

Register now to find out how agile fraud management can work for you. This new approach empowers business users with easy-to-use tools for exploration and discovery, provides technical departments with systems that can continuously monitor a wide array of data sources for abnormal behavior, and encourages collaboration between business and technical teams.

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