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Predictive Analytics Vendor-Neutral Courses [ Wash-DC, Oct | Live Online, Nov ]

Predictive Analytics Training 
Make Data Science Pay.  We’ll Show You How. 

Instructor-Led Vendor-Neutral Certificate Training
 [  Wash-DC, Oct  |  Live Online, Nov ] 

Successful analytics in the big data era does not start with data and software. It starts with immersive hands-on training, and goal-driven strategy.

The Modeling Agency’s courseware spans all skill levels and analytic team roles. Leadership and practitioners will collaborate more effectively to arrive at actionable results with measurable impact.

Attend an upcoming event to obtain these key skills immediately:

  • Plan and prepare your modeling projects effectively from the start
  • Identify, qualify and prioritize viable and actionable analytic opportunities 
  • Gain an unrestricted vendor-neutral view of analytic tools, techniques and methods
  • Acquire the rare blend of tactical and strategic skills to really stand out as a data scientist
  • Take an incremental low-risk / high-impact approach to analytic project development
  • Apply a modeling practice framework for strategic implementation consistency
  • Organize and coordinate all roles and functions across the analytic team

Now is the time to advance your organization's analytic capability.  Increase your value, position and compensation by developing unique soft skills and analytic leadership traits that are in high demand.

Learn more about The Modeling Agency’s courseware and register for an upcoming event.

Or, test drive with a Live Introductory Webinar 


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