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Predictive Analytics World - for Workforce Conference – San Francisco 2016

Premier Predictive Event for Workforce Data Scientists

The Predictive Analytics World for Workforce Conference (PAW Workforce), April 3-6, 2016, in San Francisco (, is the premier predictive analytics conference for workforce data scientists, HR analysts and business leaders. This global, cross-industry event highlights predictive tools being used to solve today's greatest workforce challenges.


Learn How to Apply Predictive Tools Used in Other Domains

Until recently, predictive analytics tools were primarily used to drive enterprise performance by predicting customer, voter, debtor, and other human behaviors. Today, predictive analytics can be similarly applied to drive performance and lifetime value of an organization’s workforce. Predictive workforce analytics can help answer questions such as; who will accelerate, who will terminate, who has the greatest lifetime value, and more.


Expert Speakers will discuss case studies and brilliant workforce solutions including:

  • Self-Organizing Job Paths: Markov Chains, Predictive Models and More
  • Predictive Analytics Unlocks Sustainable Cost Reduction In Hourly Workforce
  • Case Study: Using Wearables and Big Data to Reinvent Management 
  • Case Study: Predicting High Performer Compensation Using Market Data
  • Case Study: Building a Career Advisor Tool Based on Predictive Analytics
  • Sales Rep Assessment: Shifting the Curve of Sales Performance with Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Driven Labor Scheduling
  • Research Findings: Using Predictive Analytics to Reduce Unemployment Insurance Costs
  • Balancing Privacy with Powerful Employee Churn Predictions
  • Creating Value by Quantifying the Impact of Attrition 
  • What Workforce Analytics Can Learn from the Marketing Analytics Domain
  • Visualizing Organizational Movement for Opportunity Identification
  • Case Study: The Predictive Workforce Analytics Journey at F. Hoffmann-La Roche
  • Finding Top Data Scientists for Your Organization: Optimize the Hiring Process with Analytics 


Review the Full Agenda:

Who Should Attend:

This conference discusses predictive workforce techniques in depth unlike HR conferences that lightly touch on analytics. As such, this Conference is targeted to workforce data scientists, workforce analysts, workforce consultants and end users wanting to learn and exchange ideas about ways others are using predictive analytics to solve workforce challenges.


Two Additional Co-Located Predictive Analytics Events:


1. Predictive Analytics World for Business, San Francisco - ( - cross registration available.


2. Predictive Analytics Times Executive Breakfast - (  Join Eric Siegel, founder of the Predictive Analytics World Conference Series, for an eye-opening executive breakfast — witness an accessible, concrete overview of how predictive analytics drives actionable business value.


Pre-Conference Predictive Workshops:

PAW Workforce attendees also have the opportunity to attend several full-day pre- and post-conference predictive workshops led by industry heavyweights. These Workshops complement the core predictive conference program.


Attend PAW Workforce and access keynotes, sessions, workshops and expert panels delivered by industry heavyweights and senior analytics executives from some of the world’s biggest brands. The event also features a robust exposition, live demos, and unparalleled opportunities to network with your peers.


PAW Workforce Helps You Get Started in Predictive Analytics:

If you're new to predictive analytics, kicking off a new initiative, or exploring new ways to position it at your organization, there's no better place to get your bearings than PAW Workforce. See what other companies are doing, experience vendor demos, participate in discussions with the experts, network with your colleagues, and weigh your options!


Early Registration Discounts:

Register by December 18, 2015, and save up to $600.00:


Bring the Team Offer

Each additional attendee from the same company, registered at the same time, receives an extra $200 off the All Access, Two Day or Combo Passes.  [Discounts may not be combined.]  


What is predictive analytics? See the Predictive Analytics Guide:

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For more information:

For inquiries e-mail [email protected] or call 717-798-3495.



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