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Text Analytics World ( is the full-spectrum conference that covers all aspects of text analytics. To solidify the business value you gain from text analytics, TAW delivers the latest methods/techniques, demonstrating their deployment across a wide range of industries large and small. TAW also explores the full range of vendor solutions and various forms of text analytics enterprise deployment.

This leading event provides both a deep dive into specific text analytics areas and the means for people in fields traditionally separate and siloed to communicate and learn from one another – discovering how much they can gain from an interdisciplinary collaboration.

TAW explores five major areas of text analytics
Big Data – Including integration of text analytics and predictive analytics – converting text into data and enhancing text mining applications, decision support, topic discovery, predictive modeling, and more
Social Media – Including sentiment analysis, voice of the customer, and other new social applications
Enterprise Applications – Including enterprise search and search based applications, knowledge management (collaboration, expertise location, advanced knowledge bases), content management, and other productivity applications
Intelligence Applications – Including business intelligence, customer intelligence, security, fraud detection, survey analysis, and more
Knowledge Organization – Including categorization techniques, noun phrase extraction approaches, taxonomy development and applications, semantic web and semantic technologies, and new knowledge models
Brought to you by the producers of Predictive Analytics World, Text Analytics World’s is co-located alongside Predictive Analytics World, as part of Data Driven Business Week, providing cross-conference registration options for access to a wide scope of leading analytical coverage and case studies.

TAW Boston 2012 is one of the biggest cross-vendor text analytics events ever.  TAW's program is packed with the top text analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders, including:  Sarah Ann Berndt, JSC Taxonomist, NASA Johnson Space Center, Meta Brown, General Manager of Analytics, LinguaSys; Jeff Fried, CTO & VP Engineering, BA Insight; Shantaneu Godbole, Analytics Architect, IBM GPS CRM, Jessica Hogan, Senior Manager, Consumer Insights & Strategy, J.D. Powers and Associates, and Hadley Reynolds, Principal Next Era Research.

TAW Boston's agenda covers hot topics and advanced methods such as churn risk detection, customer service and call centers, decision support, document discovery, document filtering, financial indicators from social media, fraud detection, government applications, insurance applications, knowledge discovery, open question-answering, parallelized text analysis, risk profiling, sentiment analysis, social media applications, survey analysis, topic discovery, and voice of the customer and other innovative applications that benefit organizations in new and creative ways.
TAW also features a full-day, hands-on text analytics workshop, plus several other pre- and post-conference workshops in analytics that complement the core conference program.  For more info:

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For inquiries e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 798-3495.
PAW Government: Sept 17-18, 2012 -
PAW Boston: Sept 30-Oct 4, 2012 -
Text Analytics World Boston: Oct 3-4, 2012 -
PAW Düsseldorf: November 6-7, 2012 -
PAW London: November 27-28, 2012 –
PAW Videos: Available on-demand -

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