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Webinar: Observational and Causal Inference with Direct Effects in Marketing Mix Models

October 27, 12 noon CDT (GMT -05:00)

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The adage, “I know I waste half of my advertising dollars...I just wish I knew which half”, reflects a century-old uncertainty about the effectiveness of marketing instruments. More formally, one could describe this quandary as a domain with an unknown (or ill-understood) structure.

While “big data”, especially in the field of marketing, is expected to rapidly yield “actionable business insights,” we need to recognize that there are many steps to traverse to achieve this goal. One crucial element is the formal transition from observational inference to causal inference.

In this webinar, Dr. Lionel Jouffe and Stefan Conrady will demonstrate the benefits of employing Bayesian networks as a robust framework to make the leap from observational data to causal reasoning.

This webinar will cover many details of the new white paper on Causal Inference and Direct Effects.

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