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A very interesting predictive modeling contest is running at CrowdAnalytix. I invite you to participate in the contest and I will appreciate if you could also share the information with your followers. 

Modeling: Maximizing Loan Potential ( 

The recent credit risk crisis has made banks all over the world overly cautious. They are not only creating simpler and less intertwined financial instruments, but also building more sophisticated models to price the risk associated with their loans. Unfortunately, even with these precautions, defaults and thus losses are high. Through this contest, we would like to take a slightly different approach. We wish to build an algorithm that helps banks predict the amount they should expect to recover from a loan. At an aggregate level, this will enable banks to predict their top and bottom line gains from each portfolio or product, which is what matters most at the end of the day. 

To experiment with this hypothesis we have used a public data set of loans and payments. 

Prize money: 

One first prize of US$ 750 

One second prize of US$500 

One third prize of US$250

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