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The Big Data Challenge is an effort by the U.S. government to conceptualize new and novel approaches to extracting value from “Big Data” information sets residing in various agency silos and delivering impactful value while remaining consistent with individual agency missions This data comes from the fields of health, energy and Earth science. Competitors will be tasked with imagining analytical techniques, and describe how they may be shared as universal, cross-agency solutions that transcend the limitations of individual agencies.

“Big Data is characterized not only by the enormous volume or the velocity of its generation but also by the heterogeneity, diversity and complexity of the data,” said Suzi Iacono, co-chair of the interagency Big Data Senior Steering Group, a part of the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development program. “There are enormous opportunities to extract knowledge from these large-scale diverse data sets, and to provide powerful new approaches to drive discovery and decision-making, and to make increasingly accurate predictions. We’re excited to see what this competition will yield and how it will guide us in funding the next round of big data science and engineering.

In this contest series, we will ask competitors to consider big data ideas from several different perspectives.  We begin with a contest that will award the best ideas for tools and techniques for homogenizing disparate data sources and topics.  In later contests, we’ll ask for ideas that are more focused in the domains of Health, Energy and Earth Science.  Check out the contest specifications, and good luck!

NITRD Review Board

The NITRD Big Data Contest Series will be supported by a review board assembled from experts in industry and academia.  Once submissions have been screened for completeness, they will be forwarded to the board for final review.  You can read about the Board by clicking here.

About the Contests

There are two ways to compete on the first contest.  If you prefer to work with TopCoder Studio, you can register for the contest by clicking the Studio link below.  If your preference is for the /tc Community, you can register by clicking the “Software” link below.  Both choices are embodiments of the same challenge.  If you are uncertain which choice is best for you, or you are new to TopCoder, we suggest the Studio link.

Click here to compete on TopCoder Studio.

Click here to compete on /tc.

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