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This group is for those interested in working with large datasets. Any hardware, software, or analytical issues related to this topic are welcome.

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Comment by Aldo Taranto on July 3, 2008 at 8:35pm
Hello everyone,

I have done some research on Stochastic Optimization and Stochastic Queuing Theory in their application to Optimal Memory Allocation and Optimal Storage Allocation in Grid Computing and Massively Parallel Super Computers. This has vast implications for our exponentially growing usage of Data Centres and Databases.

Anyone wanting to exploit this commercially and create employment for other Analysts, feel free to contact me at [email protected]
Best regards,

Aldo Taranto
Comment by Francesco Mureddu on June 9, 2012 at 7:43am

Dear All,

I am working on an EU-funded project on ICT tools for Governance Roadmapping, and I wanted to draw Brussels' attention on the issue. Could anybody point me to material/documents on the future research avenues in Big Data? Thank you.
Best regards,
Francesco Mureddu
Comment by Fadi Micaelian on June 9, 2012 at 10:29am
If you look at the field of Analytics, there are three main threads:
1. You collect data, massage it, cleanse it, store it and manage it: Datawarehouse, Pivotal Transformation, ETL, Large Database Management Systems, Storage, Virtualization, Big Data, etc...
2. You summarize the vast amount of data and try to make sense out of it: Reports, Dashboard, Statistical Analysis and other Bayesian techniques, etc...
3. You make a decision: Decision Trees, Pro-Con Analysis, Rule Based Systems, Neural Networks, Tradeoff based Decisions etc...

Looking at the spectrum this way,something jumps out: if you map the companies and where they have invested in the past 3 decades,
in 1) you see a multitude of large companies including Oracle, Teradate, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase, EMC, etc...We're talking about the "big guns"
in 2) you find SAS, Hyperion -now Oracle-, Business Object -now SAP-, Cognos and SPSS -now IBM-, even Google jumped in this field, etc...
I think you see the trend... ;)
in 3) You'd be hard pressed to list decent sized companies. Yet, the single reason why you are conducting the entire effort, is to make decisions...
Also it is key to note that 3) the decision, requires 1) & 2)

As a result, it becomes pretty clear that in the next decade I can see part of the R&D spend shifting from 1) and 2) to 3). What I am saying is that there will be a focus on the decision. I predict we will see a move that will put Decision in Decision Support Systems.

if I focus on decisions, the most promising area is the Tradeoff based decisions. This is how humans make decisions. Tradeoff based decisions incorporate require Big Data, Reporting, Stastics, as well as Knowledge Based systems ... as these other fields further evolve, the field of Tradeoff Based decision becomes ripe for prime time.
Comment by Sandeep Prabhudesai. on July 12, 2012 at 3:12am

I recently started new Q&A portal specially for Big Data

Q&A on Big Data Big, Data Analytics

I would request all group members to please visit and contribute by questioning or answering any of current questions.

I would Really Appreciate your Help and Support.


Sandeep P


Comment by Greg Makowski on August 16, 2012 at 12:12am

Join our Data Mining Hackathon on Big Data.  We are having a kickoff meeting this Saturday in Sunnyvale, CA (but you can join the competition any time).  The problem is product recommendation of products on the Best Buy mobile web site.  We are working with

Our competitions include:

* Hadoop sized prediction

* PC sized prediction

* Data visualization

We have support of 3 cloud computing vendors for cloud computing time to get you started.

The awards will be given at the Data Mining Camp, Sat Oct 13 in San Jose, CA. 

I also work with sponsors for events.

Thanks, Greg


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