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An Introduction to HTML5 on May 14

Professional Development Seminar

Presented by: Tab Atkins, Google snd the CSS Working Group of the W3C
DateSaturday, 14 May,  2011, 8:30am to 4pm

Cost: $95 members (SFBAY ACM and  SDforum), $120 non-members
Location: Hewlett Packard (see directions), Bldg. 48, Oak Room, Pruneridge and Wolfe, Cupertino, CA


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Registration/Payment link:;


HTML5 and its supporting technologies, CSS and JavaScript, will significantly change how user interfaces are built. Support for features like local storage, instant network communication, and graphics means that your applications can be entirely web- and cloud-based, fully able to replace desktop applications while providing the same capabilities. Modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari — as well as mobile devices such as those based on Android and iPhone’s iOS — are starting to support this and other new standards. HTML5 is material any developer will need to know. The new techniques allow things as complex as game software to be entirely browser- based.

Our seminar won’t make you an expert in a day – it will give you an in-depth look at the capabilities of the new standards, and cover the new way of UI coding. It is designed for an experienced software developer familiar with HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets), going from introduction to minimal competence in one day, while providing the knowledge and tools to continue exploring this new technology on your own.

See demos and descriptions at http://www. or

Cost: Special low price for our challenged economy: $95 member, $120 non-member includes printed set of notes, continental breakfast, snacks and drinks, plus a catered lunch. Save $5 on this event by joining the chapter — only $20. There will also be door prizes and surprises.

Speaker Bio:

Tab Atkins Jr. wears many hats at Google, including as a Web Standards Hacker on the Chrome browser. He is also a member of the CSS Working Group, contributing to several other working groups in the W3C.

Preliminary Lesson Plan (watch for updates here):

  • Introduction; Light history lesson of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: overview of the three technologies, how they work together, and light technical details.
  • In-depth look at modern HTML: what the current elements are, document structure, semantics, and support in modern browsers
  • In-depth look at modern CSS, particularly focused on layout and tips on structuring your markup in smart ways, plus some detail covering modern progressive enhancement techniques
  • In-depth look at modern JavaScript: exposing the pretty, functional language underneath the cruft, the DOM, event-driven programming, and feature- testing.


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