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Hi, all:
I am a new member here in this group. I currently have student versions of SPSS Clememtine and STATISTICA Data Miner but would love to have SAS enterprise miner. Does anyone know how to get one? Thanks,

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I'm afraid not.
By the way where did you get the student versions of Clementine and Statistica?
From my school's bookstore.
You can try using this SAS Enterprise Miner tutorial online:

The data is already pre-loaded and runs on their server so you don't actually have the software installed on your PC. Instead you use your browser to play with it.
I think this is a 90 day free trial.
They are just marketing their book-handbook on statistical analysis. If you want to prepare for SAS Predictive modelling certification,that will not help one,cos you have to use the Sas EM on the day of the exam.
Sas is not making it easy to get the Software, you have to go through your instructor,who must register a class for SAS EM with SAS Institute if you are a college student and your school has SAS license with SAS.
Companies can't afford the cost yet,only the big ones,and I doubt if they will let you use it to practice for your exams.
Anyway, I will be attending M2010 conference and post-conference training in Las Vegas to challenge them to quicken easy access to the SAS EM.
For me I think SAS is better, STATISTICA is good too thou,but I prefer SAS, and have passed the advanced sas certification.


Thanks.  However, it's too late to take this course now.  It has started in November and as far as I can see, there is no offering of this course next year.  What a shame!


as far as I can see, there is no offering of this course next year.  What a shame!


They are going to offer that course again in October 2011. I asked them because I have a similar problem getting access to EM.


I take it SAS 9.1.3 included some version of EM. Can anyone tell me if that particular release (given that I have it) can be used to prepare for certification if I pick the EM 5.3 option at the exam.


Another queer thing is that the certification gives a choice between EM 5.3 and 6.1, but the book of Sarma recommended on SAS website:


uses EM 5.2. Does it mean I can use all the 5.2 books and other material to prepare for 5.3 certification? SAS claims there are some major differences, but then it's not clear why it recommends an outdated book.

Thank you for your help.





To Yi-Chun Tsai, is offering a course in Data Mining,see detail below. I was thinking of taking the course,but I now have access to SAS EM 6.2 preparing for certification.

now the present version of  SAS Enterprise Miner is 13v ,if u want training materials and real time training videos i can share with you -can reach me on [email protected]

Hi Apari, Yes I want to do training on SAS EM. I need your help. Can you pls email me on [email protected]

Recently i hv crossed one certificate:- "Certified Statistical Business Analyst using SAS9: Regression and Modelling". Now I want to go for predictive analytic using SAS EM.

Request u to reach me or reply asap. Thanks Gaurav

Only way to learn enough to pass the certification exam is to work on SAS Enterprise Miner. Your best bet is to take a course on it. Harvard Extension offers a course that will teach you about Data Mining and also give you enough hands on experience to tackle the Certification exam.

I am a new member here in this group. I currently work  on data mining with SPSS Clememtine . but i dont know how can i work with SPSS Clememtine. i have not its tutorial. Does anyone know how to get one? Thanks


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