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Attend ACM Professional Development Seminar (March 10, at eBay) “An introduction to R for software developers and data analysts”, Speaker: Robert Kabacoff


Speaker:  Robert Kabacoff


Event Details

R has become one of the most popular languages for data analysis and graphics. This workshop will provide a practical introduction to this comprehensive platform.  Participants will learn to import data into R from a variety of sources; clean, recode, and restructure data; and apply R’s many functions for summarizing, modeling, and graphing data. Both basic and more advanced forms of data analysis and graphics will be covered. Additional topics include navigating R’s comprehensive help systems, practical advice for processing data, common programming mistakes to avoid, and useful functions for data mining.

About R

Speaker Bio

Dr. Kabacoff is a seasoned researcher, specializing data analysis and graphics since 1986. As Vice President of Research for Management Research Group, he consults widely with academic, government, and corporate organizations throughout North America and Western Europe.  Dr. Kabacoff has taught numerous graduate courses on topics in multivariate statistics and statistical programming and maintains the Quick-R website at For more information on his book R in Action, see

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