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hi to all

can any one help me with my project

I want to use Data Mining techinque for predict the needs of manpower in the labor market

for example : I want predict numbers of physicians in up comes years

note that, i have data of :
1- numbers of admitted students for several years
2- numbers of gradaude students for several years
3- numbers of employees for several years

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Dear Mr. Yaser,
Just let me know what is your dependent variable and your indepandent variables

all my best regards
Dear sir

I'm not sure about the indepandent variables and dependent variable.

but my Main objective of this research is to use the methods of Data Mining in human resource to predict the suitable rate of outcomes from education institutions, in order to optimize the employee with the government and private sector with specialist that the market needs.

Can you help me Mr.Zakaria to identify the indepandent variables and dependent variable and what kind of data i need .

thanks for your reply
sorry to be late, no one of your variavle seem to be independent or dependended


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