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Software used by OR professionals.

Product Vendor Year First Version was Released Software Description Targeted Market
AcaStat AcaStat Software 1999 Inexpensive statistical analysis tool researchers, academics, students, analysts
Analytic Solver Platform Frontline Systems Inc. 2013 Integrated predictive and prescriptive analytics for Excel: Data mining, Monte Carlo simulation, optimization Excel users in industry seeking a comprehensive analytics tool; MBA students learning business analytics
Autobox 6.0 Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc. 1976 Automatic Modeling, Adapts to level shifts, pulses, seasonal pulses, trends, lead/lags of causals(price, holidays) Forecasting, Data Cleansing, Promotion Response, Early Warning Systems
IBM SPSS Statistics IBM 1968 IBM SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products the entire analytical process, from planning to analysis to reporting Used by thousands of commercial, government & academic organizations to solve a range of business and research problems.
iData MJC2

Trending & forecasting software for demand planning Most industry sectors
JMP 10 SAS Institute 1989 JMP, the original statistical discovery software from SAS, links dynamic data visualization with robust statistics, in memory and on the desktop. Scientists, social scientists, engineers (especially quality and reliability engineers), market research analysts and other data explorers.
Minitab 16 Statistical Software Minitab Inc 1972 Minitab is the leading provider of software for Lean Six Sigma, quality improvement and statistics education worldwide. Quality, Lean Six Sigma, DOE, Reliability, Engineering, Students
Optimal Scientist Software Package Transpower Corpoation 1993 Design and analysis of optimal experiments and general purpose graph program business, industry, academia
Oracle Crystal Ball Suite Oracle America Inc. 1988 Oracle Crystal Ball is an MS Excel-based application suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization Risk analysts, time-series forecasters, simulation optimization specialists and students
P-STAT (R) P-STAT, Inc 1964 P-STAT combines statistical analysis, data & file management, report-writing and TURF Analysis capabilities. Cross-Industry including manufacturing, pharma, education, market research, survey analysis, brand research
QMS - Quantitative Methods Software QuantMethods 1990 Decision sciences optimaztion software Educational
SAS SAS 1976 SAS provides tools for statistics, data mining, text analytics, forecasting, econometrics, optimization and simulation. Cross-Industry
Smoothie Demand Works 2003 Desktop or server solutions for forecasting, demand, and supply management. Mid-sized and large manufacturers and distributors
Stat::Fit Geer Mountain Software Corporation 1995 Statistically fits to your data the most useful analytical distribution and exports into specific forms for simulation. Simulation and modeling, risk assessment, reliability, quality, engineering and financial management.
Unistat Statistical Package for Windows Unistat Ltd

UNISTAT is a comprehensive statistical package that can also work as add-in for Excel. UNISTAT is a general purpose statistics tool.
Vanguard Business Analytics Suite Vanguard Software 1995 Designed for professional modelers, merges Decision Analysis, Forecasting, Monte Carlo Simulation, Statistics, & Optimization Any
XLMiner Frontline Systems Inc. 2003 Powerful data mining and forecasting add-in for Excel, supports textbook Data Mining for Business Intelligence Excel users in industry and MBA students who are learning and building first data mining applications

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