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(Source: David Perry, Drexel University,

For an example of a low-cost search engine, PicoSearch was selected. This engine is a product of PicoSearchLLC. Some websites using PicoSearch include:

Oxford English Dictionary:
Data Shaping Solutions:
Eureka Vacuum Cleaners:
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority:
Allied Vaccine Group:

Features found in FreeFind include the following:


  • Standard search techniques including keyword, phrases, wildcard, Boolean operators, etc.
  • If the user wishes, certain areas of the site can be excluded from the index.
  • PicoSearch can index between 3,000 to 6,000 pages, depending on the plan purchased
  • PicoSearch can search for many types of documents, including Word, Excel, PDF, MP3, etc. Tags for multimedia items can also be used.
  • Password protected pages can be indexed.
  • Reports can be provided for the top 100 search terms, as well as for unsuccessful searches, usage, etc. This allows the site to be adjusted to searchers’ interests.
  • The site can be manually re-indexed at any time. Automatic re-indexes can also be scheduled.
  • Other sites can be searched besides your own.
  • Different sections of the website can be searched independently.
  • The context of the search term is shown for each result, so that the searcher can make sure that the result is really relevant to his search.
  • Many different languages are supported. Multilingual sites can be searched in all languages involved.


PicoSearch is simple to install; one fills out a form with name, contact info, and information about the website and how it should be indexed. PicoSearch then sends out spiders to index the site; once this is complete, the code to install the search interface is emailed to the user. However, any customization of the interface and results must be performed by PicoSearch staff.

Cost—Ranges from $249 to $498 a year ($20.75 to $ 41.50/month) depending on the plan purchased.


PicoSearch’s website:
Sign up/download:
Contact info:
Other reviews which confirm many of the advantages and disadvantages noted here:

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