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R-Project and Other Free Software Tools Members (259)

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Kerem Tomak

San Francisco, CA, United States

Andrew Carr

Bellingham, WA, United States

John L. Taylor

Portland, OR, United States

Marek Kulbacki

Wroclaw, Poland

Paul Segal

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Yi-Chun Tsai

McFarland, WI, United States

Navin singh


Ed Hickey

Madison, WI, United States

Jonathan Goldman

Mountain View, CA, United States

Katherine Tranbarger

Worcester, MA, United States

Mohammad Fayaz

Tehran, Iran

Przemyslaw Biecek

Warsaw, Poland

Wilhelm Landerholm

Stockholm, Sweden

John Johnson

Asheville, United States

Ben Hinchliffe

Bend, OR, United States

Rick Dolata

West Chester, PA, United States

JDL Nolen

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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