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I received the following message in my mailbox, and decided to share with the community since it has become rare to see the hourly rate advertised these days. I remember when I consulted in 2003, $55/hr was standard (for me at least), with the recruiting firm billing the client $175/hour (for a graduate professionals with 10 years of experience, and a few skills such as SAS and SQL).

I found the $100/hour rate below fairly attractive even by 2014 standards. I used to receive many of these messages in my mailbox until I wrote this article, where I claimed that I am not a good employee, that I am over-priced and that I will never apply for a job again. I immediately stopped receiving messages from recruiters and hiring managers, but it starts coming back again now. Below is the most recent one:


I have a 6-12 month contract opportunity in Kendall, FL. If interested, please reply with an updated resume with contact details and I will call to discuss.

Retail/Merchandising Analytics Consultant
$100/hr. (all-inclusive) Kendall, FL, 6-12 months, 03/03/13

We need a senior BI/Analytics Consultant with experience creating/designing/developing retail and/or merchandising analytic solutions using SAS and R (Revolution Analytics). Must have working knowledge of Teradata.


Rudy Patel
Account Manager
Patriot Consulting, Inc.

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